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The mission of the Rio Bravo Family Medicine Global Health Track is to train family physicians to be intercultural health-care leaders, advocates and facilitators, both locally and internationally.

The Rio Bravo Global Health Track provides residents the opportunity to develop global health skills. An ongoing lecture series, one-on-one didactic sessions, and a month overseas in both the second and third years forms the backbone of the Global Health Track.

The current locations are in Malawi, Guatemala, Ecuador and Mexico. All sites offer unique opportunities for the resident to develop their medical and cross-cultural skills. Field experiences will include a month-long rural rotation in Kern County, month-long rotation at an international site and weekend trips to Mexico. Residents will work under the supervision of faculty from Rio Bravo and be involved in community development projects, inpatient medicine, outpatient clinics and development of an investigational research project, data collection/entry, analysis and presentation of findings.


The first year will include online reading of specific topics in global health. The second year will involve a month-long rural health elective with the director of the global health track and a month at an international site. The third year will include a month elective at an international site, and presentations regarding research project and international experience(s). Throughout the three years, there will be a monthly lecture series and opportunities for weekend trips to Mexico. The residents will participate in the AAFP- sponsored Family Medicine Global Health Workshop. Additional CME opportunities will be provided and tailored to the resident’s interests.

Program Contact

Brent Burket, MD

(661) 858-3739

Global Health Track




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