We are pioneering the “Scholarly-teamed Activity Research Track” (START) project, also known as “The START Project”.


Scholarly activity (SA) is a fundamental component of family medicine residency training. In 2006, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and Family Medicine Residency Review Committee (RRC) placed emphasis on the importance of developing research skills by including SA requirements in its Core Competencies. 

Currently, the RRC is further increasing the resident requirement to include two SAs with at least one being a Quality or Performance Improvement (PI) project. Despite this heighted emphasis, resident SA output remains disappointingly low, with limitations including lack of personal incentive, lack of mentorship, and large clinical workloads. And many residents (including ours), voice their frustration with fulfilling the research requirement.

In line with this increase need and to bridge this gap, we are so excited to share with all of you a new RBFMRP research curriculum initiative titled “Scholarly-teamed Activity Research Track” (START), or also known as “The START Project”.

At the RBFM residency program, we are committed to the creation of a robust research curriculum where we place it at the heart of instruction. As teachers, we must aim all of our work at enduring our trainees critical performance.  Our goal is to enhance the investigational development of each: medical students, residents and faculty members.  Our project focuses on fostering the idea of resident-to-resident scholarly mentorship.

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